DeltaMem develops separation solutions in close partnership with industrial users. We scale up processes from a few hundred millilitres per hour to cubic meters per hour of organic solvents, developing the initial concept design, process engineering until commissioning of turnkey plants.


Process modelling interfaced with proprietary software assists the design of unit operations and process set-up, thereby optimizing CAPEX and OPEX.


As world technology leader, DeltaMem owns specific expertise in:


  • Design and operation of pervaporation and vapour permeation plants

  • Design and operation of flat sheet, tubular, polymeric and ceramic membranes

  • Membrane-integrated process design and process intensification strategies


We support process industries with:


  • Energy optimization and/or debottlenecking of existing separation processes

  • Engineering for membrane separation processes

  • Implementation of complex automation control system for thermal separation processes

  • Hazard and operability study (HAZOP) assistance

  • Installation supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance