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Research & development

DeltaMem AG is focused on developing what others call impossible. Our mission is to develop new membranes tailored to specific separations. Our existing PervapTM membranes are the result of more than 30 years of basic and applied research.

DeltaMem’s Research areas

-          New membranes development

-          Constant improvement of existing products

-          New application on PV, VP and crossflow-filtration

-          New and innovative Hybrid system

The R&D team of DeltaMem works in close collaboration with universities, institutes and industrial partners to develop new membrane materials and applications.

Test Facilities

DeltaMem has dedicated and specialist test facilities and offers a range of services to support the successful implementation of pervaporation or vapour permeation processes as well as pressure cross-flow membrane filtration processes.

DeltaMem has test plant and analytical equipment to complete tests on customer samples to optimise membrane selection and plant operating conditions as well as to provide samples to the client for further analysis and verification.

Typical tests include:

•       feasibility tests to confirm that the product specification can be achieved

•       long term stability tests to confirm reliable long term plant an membrane service and to support a process guarantee.

Tests are carried out in bench scale equipment using either single test cells or multiple test cells in parallel.

Lab units for pervaporation

feasibility tests

Lab units for pervaporation

stability tests

Pilot unit for MF, UF, NF, RO scale-up tests

Lab unit for feasibility tests


Other R&D initiatives

DeltaMem applied in-house experience in a other membrane separation technologies, like:

  • Membrane distillation
  • Membrane-based liquid-liquid extraction (known also as pertraction)
  • Membrane contactors in general
  • Pervaporation membrane reactor