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Modular Systems

Why Modules?

Skid-mounted construction is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of construction. The advantages can include:

  • Single point construction responsibility
  • Reduced interruption to existing operations (in case of plant expansion or modification). The modules can be set up only in a few days and the plant can be in Operation in weeks instead of months
  • Reduced construction infrastructure at customer’s site
  • Improved site safety
  • Entirely workshop manufactured and therefore higher quality workmanship
  • The best choice for construction in remote locations
  • Skids can be moved to another location at a later date


Project Examples

DeltaMem (previously Sulzer Membrane technology) has completed over 150 projects worldwide. In various applications, solvents from pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and other processes are routinely treated by pervaporation.  PERVAP™ membranes have been successfully applied to process many different solvents. 

Bioethanol deydration
Isopropanol (pharma)
THF (pharma)


Debottlenecking by Vapor Permeation