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About Us

DeltaMem AG was founded through a Management Buy-Out of Sulzer’s Membrane Technology business including the membrane team having long standing experience in the membrane separation field. DeltaMem offers:

•      Extensive experience and know-how in membrane technologies built up during more than 35 years

•      The largest installed base of pervaporation and vapor permeation plants worldwide

•      Reliable pervaporation membrane technology with unique membranes (PERVAP™)

•      A flexible and motivated team with specialist  expertise in membrane technologies

•      Our team has more than 70 years of combined experience in the membrane technology field in market leading multinational companies

We work in close partnership with customers from initial concept, through bench scale and pilot tests, and on to delivery and commissioning of skid-mounted, turn-key systems with process guarantees.



Delta is the symbol of the driving force that makes all processes happen. Our philosophy is to work on “the beautiful harmony of the opposites”.    Mem represesents our know-how in membrane technologies.

With our research & development activities and innovative engineered plant solutions, we aim to become a premier innovation partner for the pharmaceutical, green chemicals and food sector.

DeltaMem’s mission is also to close the “gap” between academic research and industry for new membrane applications.



1984    World’s first industrial pervaporation plant for Isopropanol dehydration (GFT) and first industrial pervaporation plant for bioethanol dehydration (GFT)
1990 Carbone Larraine acquires GFT
1994 World’s first vapor permeation plant for Isopropanol dehydration  (Carbone  Lorraine)
1997 Sulzer takes over pervaporation business from Carbone Lorraine
1997 World’s first hybrid vapor permeation plant for methanol removal
2009 Sulzer acquires Kühni: Combination of Sulzer’s and Kühni’s membrane activities
2016 DeltaMem AG, as management buy-out, acquires membrane technology business from Sulzer